Server Devs specialise in data-driven, responsive web applications; web backed mobile apps and games, and work with a network of developers, designers, and marketers



Jonathan Weems contacted me to design the visual identity for Server Devs, help him with his branding and brand definition.


 As in every design project, we kicked off with a discovery session. Getting to know the company objectives, ideal customers and service/product offerings are fundamental. We landed on six keywords that define the brand best.

Valuable - Growth 

Reliable - B2B

Friendly - Trustworthy 

2. Sketching 

3. Chosen direction 

sketch 4.1

4. Revisions

After reviewing all the sketched ideas, we discussed the designs and decided on a direction to continue. We agreed that it is a good idea, but it was not there yet.
The interaction lines were too far from each other, and the overall look of the mark was too generic. Need to be more defined and recognizable.

5. Final Mark

new grid update-01

6. Logo and Mock Ups 

logo svg-02
logo horison-01
logo horison-04
logo horison-02
sd mock 15
sd mock 8