Adsilico is an innovative European manufacturer of silicone coatings for health care products, mainly professional wound care products. It is the only company in the world specialised on these medical silicone coatings, they are the recognised experts for 20 years, doing a lot of research and development to improve wound care.



The project had a tight deadline (4 days) and quite a short and surfaced brief. After a quick call with the responsibility for the project, I decided to give it a shot.

The new logo should reflect expertise, innovation and quality and should feature an image/icon element that symbolises the concept of a thin, flexible coating film applied to another object


Sketches / First Drafts

As clearly stated, the client wanted to show the coating process. We tried to illustrate the idea, but shortly after the presented sketches, the ideas were rejected.


Secound Idea/Draft

Having the feedback defined, I took a different approach. After some research about the process of coating and its detailed process, I sketched the new idea based on the coating roll and layered silicon.  The cut out for both the circle and the top layered silicon formed a mark that represents the coating process. Moreover, the symbol is simple, memorable and appropriate. 

logo grid-02


With the mark done, I need to test some typefaces that will fit the company brief also go along with the icon. After a couple of font variations, I decided to go with FF Signa Pro Extended Bold by FontFont. For archiving a more cohesive look, I also edited the letter A as cutting out one of the edges.

The golden ratio was applied for proportions among the size of the type the distance in between the mark and the mark ti self.

logo grid-03


Two different nuances are used to colour the mark — light blue and dark blue. The purpose is differentiating the wheel/roll material forms and the added silicon on top. This illustrates the coating process and the added layer on top as noted from the client.